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My new Mazda6:) stickshift and sexy

Pondering Thoughts

Truth be told, we all do die alone but if you love yourself, know yourself and have found yourself then dying alone isn’t a bad thing because the hardest challenge in life is being at peace with ones self. Doing such is a indescribable beauty in it’s own if done right. Not saying that i have it all figured out myself but I’m on the right path.

We can’t keep relying on all of our security, peace and happiness being within others, because people leave, hurt you or die, then where are you? Lost and still not knowing who you are. I’m not inferring that you can’t get these emotions from loved ones or friends or that it’s wrong, just don’t put all your eggs in one basket as the old saying goes. The conclusion of one of my many speeches is that the basket you make yourself and carry yourself will be a lot stronger and knowingly more reliable because it was crafted with your own hands and would get those eggs home safe and sound.

My next tattoo❤️❤️

Do not dwell and become depressed for the shape of this world is in or the fact you know it’s all faulty. Rejoice that you have not fell in line with the many other lambs who fall in line. You don’t just see with your eyes but you use your mind that they so eagerly try to dull with many thing we watch, consume, or read. If it feels wrong the chances are it probably is. Animals, like us have instinct for a reason. Use your knowledge and insight to branch off this instant hand fed existance and live for something beautiful and peaceful that will inspire and enlighten many watching you. This is not a hopeless war/life, we are many.

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